Why should we learn foreign languages?

Language learning is one of the most integral parts of modern man’s life. Due to developments in information technology, processes are changing very rapidly. The ability to speak English is no longer sufficient. More and more, business is done in languages other than English, such as Russian, German, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and even Persian and French. It is also beneficial when traveling extensively to know a few phrases or sentences in the country’s language. In this article, I will tell you why foreign languages are important nowadays as a speaker of more than ten languages, fluently speaking six languages, and an English professor at a university.

Language is an attraction

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy hearing people speak other languages? I am sure even if you ask random people, they will say they want to learn at least one foreign language.

Having learned a foreign language has given me many benefits – I have met many people of different nationalities, learned about their culture, and can read news and books in a foreign language if necessary. In addition, when traveling to a foreign country, you don’t need to worry about booking a hotel or arranging a cab. To do this is no problem at all.

As far as I can recall, I have always been interested in foreign languages. I was still quite young when I first became interested in languages. The first foreign language heard was Russian. As I heard about it, I became interested and wanted to learn more. In the post-Soviet era, learning Russian became a distasteful experience for people, but I later brought it up to a level people wanted to learn. 

It should not be compulsory to learn languages

I think language learning should not be forced. Of course, it can be necessary to learn a foreign language quickly in certain situations, like when moving to another country to work. Nonetheless, I think that learning a language should be enjoyable, even fun.

Some people study foreign languages by taking courses, others on their own, and others go abroad to live among locals, and others study in courses. But I have a different approach to learning languages. The internet is an excellent way for me to learn languages without going to a course. 

It’s good to learn languages in any way you want, but you should choose one that doesn’t make you feel suffering or obligated. As a language teacher, I would say that having fun while learning a language is crucial.

Besides, it’s fun to travel to a new country and learn about its culture. It is then easier and more interesting to travel. However, if you cannot travel, just use the internet to watch videos of native speakers every day. 

It is important to learn languages all your life

“It is possible to learn a language for life, since even in the mother tongue, new words and innovations are constantly appearing, so in fact, we learn languages for life.

I am interested in most languages because of their sounds, their structures, and their grammar. My tendency is to become fascinated by new languages, to watch a large number of videos, and to get sucked into their depth. In reality, I consider that it is only possible to speak one foreign language if you have very good skills. To be able to count to twenty and say hello in a foreign language is not the same thing as knowing the whole language.

I think the term ‘language learning’ varies depending on the individual’s desire and need.

I don’t think there is a specific time to learn a foreign language. Let’s say one month and all. While on the other hand, languages ​​can be learned in two or four months by working intensively.

These are the most effective ways of learning languages 

  • Watch YouTube videos in the target language
  • Listen to music 
  • Try to use the language daily 
  • Read in the target language 
  • Listen to the radio and podcasts 
  • Teach yourself 
  • Learn as children learn their native languages 
  • Do not be afraid making mistakes 

In the absence of motivation, language learning requires constant repetition. The importance of learning a new language lies in incorporating it into your surroundings – reading, listening, and speaking without fear of making mistakes.

Communication with people who are native speakers of the language is very beneficial. By doing this, you gain more motivation and support from people who already speak the foreign language you wish to learn.

It is also important not to be afraid to make mistakes. No one will really be condemned if you make mistakes when talking, so the essential thing is to have as much motivation and diligent work as possible, ”says Teodora.

The ability to speak a foreign language is an advantage

Language knowledge or the learning process is always valuable. Knowledge of several languages is very important for me in everyday life, especially when I want to find information or read books. If, for instance, I can’t find a book in the language I want, I can read it in another.

Making mistakes isn’t something to be afraid of. Making mistakes when speaking is really not an issue, so the key is to remain motivated and to work diligently.

Additionally, speaking a foreign language can increase one’s circle of friends. Having a common language enables you to make friends from other cultures that you wouldn’t even discover if you didn’t speak it.

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